Celebrating Black History Month at Brindley CourtThis month at Brindley Court in Staffordshire, which provides nursing care, Colleagues and Residents have been celebrating Black History Month. 

On the 15th of October, Brindley Court embraced Black History Month by way of exploring, discovering, and celebrating Black History, heritage and culture. They took the opportunity to invite some Colleagues and Residents to share their traditions, culture, and heritage with everybody as a way of celebrating their history with everybody in the care home.

The event was described as being quite intimate but was a large success as Colleagues and Residents gathered together to learn lessons about different culture and heritage. It was a fitting time to honour their history, through this small gathering, they have shown in their own way that everybody, regardless of heritage and culture is welcome at Brindley Court, and the home has a chance to succeed. 

One Resident said, “This is such a lovely celebration, we should have more of this to celebrate other cultures and understand history” whilst John, another Resident went on to say, “it was a very wonderful day, learning about our staffs different culture and heritage”. Residents also commented on how much they enjoyed the colourful attires and the international foods, which were a range from Africa and the Caribbean. 

Benette, the Home Manager commented afterwards, “Thank you for generously sharing, especially with our Residents, your beautiful culture and history. Everybody learned a lot today”.