Celebrating Black History Month at Coventry care homeToday at Victoria Manor in Coventry, which provides residential and nursing care, Residents came together to celebrate Black History Month. 

Meeting up in the living room, a group of Residents came together to discuss Black History Month and who they thought of and looked up to regarding this celebration. Julia, a Resident and former Nurse who was very proud of her work chatted for hours about how she became a nurse. She went on to discuss the struggles she had faced when she first started out, and how this had changed her life for the better. 

Residents who had come together to discuss also created an information board for everybody to have a look at. It contains inspirational speakers, famous musicians and other powerful leaders throughout history, it also provides quotes from some of these leaders, and further information.  

Speaking with Residents afterwards, they all expressed how interesting they found it and how engaging it was. It was nice to reminisce over some of the lives of the people who were up on the board. Julia also went on to say how proud she was to be a nurse “I remember the first day I started as a nurse, I was so proud of what I had achieved”. 

Tina, the Home Manager said afterwards, “It was lovely to sit and hear stories from everybody and to learn more about this subject”.