Celebrating National China Day at West Midlands care homeThis month at Warrens Hall in Oldbury, which provides nursing care, Residents have been celebrating National China Day. 

This month’s culture day took Residents to far East Asia to celebrate the National Day of the Peoples Republic of China. Wellbeing staff created their own China Town where photographs of Chinese national parks such as Beihai Park, were on display and Residents could listen to music from China as well. 

A Chinese cuisine of spring rolls, prawns, sushi with prawn cracks and sauce was on offer for anybody who wanted to try some. The selection of food was well received by Residents who tried it, one Resident said, “I really enjoyed the sushi, it was really fresh”. Residents also said they really enjoyed getting to know other people, hearing about their experiences, and making new friends. They also went on to say how they enjoyed trying new foods and how delicious it was. Another Resident said “It was an amazing morning, bring everyone together, it was different and special. The food was fantastic”. Other Residents also commented how they had fun opening their fortune cookies, it brought lots of joy and hope. 

Fabiana, the Home Manager said afterwards, “We encourage all cultures here at Warrens Hall and today was made very special by everyone involved”.