Celebrating National Nurses Week at Whitley Bay care homeResidents at Eastbourne House, residential and residential dementia care home in Whitley Bay have been working hard to celebrate the amazing jobs the nurses do for everyone!

To celebrate National Nurses Week, both Residents and Colleagues have made and written cards for the nurses and set up gift stalls throughout the home. 

These stalls were comprised of small gifts people can buy for nurses they know, such as chocolates, flowers and more! 

Residents took it in turns to man the stall and sort the gifts. Olive, one of the Residents, commented, “I loved managing the stall. It was really nice to feel a part of such a lovely day.”

There were surprise gifts around our home for the nurses at their stations and treatment rooms. 

The Residents were really excited by the prospect of the nurses finding their cards and gifts, especially seen as the cards were their own works of art.

Vera Young, one of the Residents, said, “I’m so excited to see the smile on the nurse’s face when she reads my card because I put so much effort into making them!"

The Residents were telling everyone about the cards they have been making. One of the Relatives, remarked, “Mam has been talking about the card she made constantly! She fancies herself as a budding artist I think!”

Debbie White, Care Home Manager, added, “Our nurses are fabulous and deserve to be celebrated. It’s great to see the lovely relationships between our Residents and the nurses.”