Cheshire care homes mark 12 days of ChristmasHC-One Colleagues in Blacon, Northwich and the surrounding areas welcomed the festive Christmas season of the 12 days of Christmas this December. 

Each home in the area took one of the days and imaginatively decorated their homes in light of the day. For example, Daneside Court took on the 5th day of Five Gold Rings.

Residents Jean Roche and Marjorie Scott, enjoyed watching the Colleagues putting the lights up; they were excited for when it went dark so they could see the lights properly.  It meant a lot to them that the all Colleagues were involved in their own time to make Christmas special for Residents. 

A local Resident whose house faces the back of Daneside across the river, shared with the Wellbeing Coordinator, Sharon, how lovely it looked from her house to see all the lights.

Also, Lauren Court selected the two turtles Doves and beautifully decorated their home. it was fantastic for so many Colleagues to immerse themselves in the theme of Christmas given the challenging year. Colleagues at Lauren Court have only just managed to get the 12 days of Christmas song out of their heads!

The Area very much hopes to do the same again. 

Residents have loved the innovation and creativity of the ideas.