Chinese New Year at Kirkwood Court care homeResidents at Kirkwood Court, residential and residential dementia care home in Kenton, celebrated Chinese New Year on Tuesday 24th January.

Residents got together to create some crafts and decorations to decorate the home ready for the Chinese New Year celebrations. The Residents looked at lots of different crafts and decided dragons would be perfect.

During the past week they created 'moving' dragons with paper and sticks and coloured in window pictures so when the sun past through you could see all the bright colours on the dragon.

Residents were thrilled to be try some authentic Chinese cuisine for their evening meal. The menu consisted on chicken curry, egg fried rice, noodles, salt and pepper chips and prawn crackers. 

The Residents and Colleagues additionally loved learning more about why and how Chinese New Year is celebrated. 

Resident, John Topping, remarked, “It’s very interesting learning about other cultures and how they celebrate their traditions.”

Margaret Richardson, another Resident, added, “I would love to do more themed days like this, I think everyone has enjoyed themselves.”

Angela Douglass, Home Manager, said, “It was lovely to see everyone get involved and having a try at new things.”

The Residents absolutely loved the themed night and suggested they would like to start learning about other countries more often. It was proposed to have a themed nigh each by including different countries food and culture into the home.