Christmas card delivery delights Gateshead care home ResidentsResidents at HC-One’s Springfield House care home in Gateshead received some lovely Christmas cards and a visit from the local primary school, putting a smile on all their faces.

On 18th December, Springfield House Colleagues accepted a delivery of cards from the local primary school. 26 gorgeous children, dressed in their party finery, sang and signed carols for Springfield Residents, many watched from their windows while those without garden rooms met in the Orangery. 

It was such a joy to watch ad there were very many smiles and happy tears flowed. 

Then the following day, Colleagues received from Kells Lane Primary School, a large bundle of handmade cards, all had pictures but most had lovely little notes telling Residents what they liked, played and were hoping for from Santa Claus, but also asking the Residents to be their friends. 

After the holidays, Residents will write to the children to see how they enjoyed their Christmas and will keep in touch with them, hoping to get a visit from them when we can.

Springfield House Residents loved the sentiment that the children spent time to write and sing to them, especially as it was so cold outside when they visited, “it’s beautiful, just so lovely,” said Resident Jane.