Christmas card designing at Roxburgh HouseThis month at Roxburgh House in the West Midlands, which offers residential and residential dementia care, Residents have been designing their Christmas cards ahead of HC-Ones Christmas card competition. 

With the Christmas card competition fast approaching, Residents have been getting creative with their design ideas. June, a Resident at Roxburgh, was encouraged by the competition to create her own, she drew a house with a huge Christmas tree in the garden. Tony, another Resident at the care home drew a big Merry Christmas message across his and decorated it. Madeline drew children and presents on hers to give out some Christmas spirit. 

Resident Winnie said she enjoyed the activity and went on to say “I have never been very good at art but wished I was. I still find it fun drawing”. June also commented “I like to draw houses, so there was only one design I had in mind!” Other Residents also enjoyed the activity, Madeline said “It was good to get together and have a good natter”.

Linda, the Home Manager commented afterwards, “It was lovely to see the Residents enjoyed themselves, I hope they win the competition!”