Christmas crafts at Fir TreesResidents at Fir Trees residential and residential memory care home, on Tameside, have been making some beautiful Christmas crafts in preparation for the festive season. 

Bill (pictured), Pat, Avis and Doreen, who all live at the home, have been creating some Christmas tree and bauble pictures, using strips of magazine. These are going to be put up around the home as decorations. 

Everyone involved got their creative side flowing and enjoyed picking different patterns for their trees and then seeing their surprise at the finished results once the shapes had been cut out.  

One Resident said, “It looks good, it's a Christmas tree, isn't it?”

Fellow Resident Pat added, “It's clever, it doesn't look like a tree until you cut it, just looks like a load of paper.”

Abby, who is one of the wellbeing Colleagues, commented, “t's a lovely simple craft which means it's easy for people of different abilities to join in, yet it produces a really fab effect!”