Christmas elves bring joy to Oldham care home
Some naughty Christmas elves have brought smiles to the faces of Residents and team members at HC-One’s Avalon Park care home in Oldham this festive period.

Two naughty elves have helped bring the festive spirit to life at Avalon Park this December, the elves have been spotted by Residents and team members making snow angels, eating sweets, hiding in shoes and even raiding the drinks trolley.

Everyone has enjoyed looking out for the elves and chatting about the different things they have been found doing. One Resident commented: “It has been great to find the elves and has helped bring some Christmas cheer to us all.”

Avalon Park Home Manager, Aimee Green said: “The elves have been a really fun conversation starter, everyone has enjoyed finding them and chatting about what they think they will get up to next.”