Christmas period starts for Wiltshire ResidentsThree Colleagues from Market Lavington care home’s Residential Unit, Vicarage Gardens, have come up with some clever ideas to make Christmas that extra special for Residents.

Unit Manager Caroline Watson, HCAs Lorraine Hall and Alison Feltham have helped to kick off the festive celebrations. They had the idea of organising Christmas cards for the Residents to send out to their loved ones. The Residents have written on them and they have been all been posted. 

Other news for the home is that they have had an email from a school in France, who will be sending Christmas Cards from the children for the Residents this year. 

“And our Residents will be making decorations, to hang on the tree outside the home,” explained one of the wellbeing Colleagues.

The Residents were delighted to be able to send cards to their loved ones and enjoyed choosing a card for their families

Manager, Demelza James, said, “I am very proud of the staff of Vicarage Gardens making every effort to make Christmas during a difficult time, special for the Residents and their families.”