Circus Adventure at Catmoor House care homeResidents at Catmoor House, nursing and nursing dementia care home, in Perth, very excited as the circus came to town.

On the 21st of April, Adventure Circus, a circus school based in Perth, came to visit Catmoor House and The Birches. Members of Adventure Circus, learn how to become acts in the circus, and on this day, they came to perform for the Residents.

Three of the artists came to dance to lots of fun music and perform aerial acrobatics using hoops and coloured silks. Callum, one of the Carers at Catmoor House is part of the Adventure Circus and he put on a singing performance. Mary, one of the Residents, said, “Callum was amazing! He is the best- what a voice!”

The Residents enjoyed lots of treats which included sweets, popcorn, hotdogs, and candyfloss. All the food went down a treat, the Residents especially liked the hotdogs, and some of the Residents even had a second!

The staff and Residents had longed for a day in the sunshine where everyone could relax. It was made even better with lots of wonderful entertainment and fun. Mayleen, a Resident, remarked, “A superb day, out of this world!”

Clare McDonald, Care Home Manager, commented, “What a fantastic day we had. The sun was shining, and we had lots of nice food, it went down a treat with the Residents and Relatives. We cannot wait for another garden party soon!”