Clarendon Hall care home Residents make pizzas for teaOn 9th February, it was National Pizza Day and Residents at Clarendon Hall residential and nursing care home, in Lincolnshire, decided to make their own pizzas for tea.

Wellbeing Coordinator, Hayley Sandison, worked with the kitchen team, including David Page, and arranged all the ingredients for the activity. Then the Residents enjoyed kneading the dough and making the circle bases. Everyone then chose their favourite toppings.

The smell was fantastic, many Colleagues commented on the smell around the home, and everyone was able to enjoy their homemade pizzas for tea.

See pictured Residents Barbara Brumby and Sue Amos, who commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed making and eating the pizza. It was lovely!”

Nicola Walker, Home Manager, remarked, “The pizzas were lovely!”