Competitive pancake tossing at Lincolnshire care homeResidents and Colleagues gathered in the lounge yesterday evening for the annual pancake tossing competition at HC-One’s Willow Court in Lincoln.

For one minute only, Residents and Colleagues were challenged to complete as many pancake tosses as possible. Only complete flips were counted so everyone kept keen watch to make sure there was nobody cheating.

One Resident commented: “It was hard work!”

Eileen was crowned champion of the Residents’ competition and bagged a special medal for her success. Rachel won the Colleague competition.

There was laughter throughout the home as everyone tried their hardest to flip as many pancakes as possible. After a tiresome competition, Residents sat down to enjoy their sweet meal with their favourite toppings.

Willow Court Home Manager, Jo Keenan, said: “Great banter between Residents and staff.”