Consett care home Residents take a trip to Herrington Country ParkAs it was Greenways Court’s turn to have the minibus, Residents of the Consett care home decided on a visit to Herrington Country Park.

Herrington Country Park is a beautiful spacious country park located in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, adjacent to Penshaw Monument. The park features biking and walking trials, beautiful sculptures, and playground. 

As per usual there was a group of Residents who went out on the morning and then another on the afternoon. Maureen Urwin, Catherine Kirkley, Mary Dawson, Rena Adamson, Jose Graham, Ted Baldwin and Cathleen Shillcock were all excited for a trip out in the sun.

Residents had a lovely stroll around the pond and were happy to see the ducks. They had some feed, so they were able to feed both the swans and ducks. 

The group of ladies who went on the afternoon noticed there was another HC-One minibus in the car park. They bumped into some Residents from Eastbourne House as they were walking around the lake. They got a lovely photo together.

After the Residents had a little walk, they all enjoyed a lovely ice cream from the van, in the fresh air. It was a fantastic day enjoyed by all.

Cathleen, remarked, “It was so nice to be out in the fresh air.”

Mary, said, “I am going to come out on the trips more, I really enjoyed myself.”

Kinga Kowaliczek, Care Home Manager, commented, “The Residents had a lovely day out. It was great they bumped into some Residents from Eastbourne House for a little chat.”