Coventry care home enjoys stop the clock funResidents and Colleagues at HC-One’s Victoria Gardens care home have begun incorporating ‘stop the clock’ activities into every day.

Every Colleague in the home who was able to, stopped their day-to-day duties at 3pm to spend time with the Residents at the home. Time was spent either in the lounge area, outside in the garden or in the Resident’s room, depending on their choice.

Activities included singing, dancing along to Residents’ favourite songs, playing balloon badminton or general conversations had about all that has gone on during the day.

It has been decided that this will go ahead each day to give Colleagues the opportunity to spend valuable one on one time with each Resident individually, with more activities to come – from baking, to gardening and even exercise classes.

Julie Jones, Home Manager, commented: “I am so proud of our Colleagues, we have really embedded the stop the clock activity so quickly into our home’s routine.”