Coventry care home remembers Resident
HC-One’s Victoria Mews care home hosted a memorable day for Residents and Colleagues as they came together to remember late Resident, Joan Barratt and her partner Joe.

Joan has been remarked as being a very much loved Resident of the home for around 10 years, with Joe visiting her almost every day and becoming a part of the Victoria Mews family.

Their family requested Colleagues to plant a magnolia tree in the garden in their memory, which everyone agreed was a lovely gesture as the family shared some kind words and memories of their mother Joan.

Later, the family wrote a lovely letter to the home thanking Colleagues for all the effort they put into making Joan’s years at the home, happy ones and remarking that “the professional attitude from staff came through like a shining light”.

Victoria Mews Home Manager, commented: “Both Joan and Joe will forever be in our hearts and we will always remember the memories that we were fortunate to have shared with them.”