Coventry care home Residents enjoy a zoo themed, craft-making AugustFor Residents at Victoria Manor residential and residential memory care home, in Whitley, this August has been filled with fun activities including a visit from some living creatures as well as Residents showing their artistic flair!

The home held an animal Olympics theme afternoon with community group ‘Zoolab’ who came in to show some small animals including giant slugs, snakes, rats, cockroaches and tarantulas.

People enjoyed the touch and holding of the animals and learning things about them. One of the Residents said, “I cannot believe how big that slug was and the snakes are so smooth.”

Another Resident added, “That rat was so soft and quite cute.”

Tina Booton, Care Home Manager, commented, “It is lovely to see how any animal can make someone smile, even if it is a giant insect!”

Also, this week, some Residents have been creating seaside landscape scenery with arts and crafts.

There was lots of painting and conversations about when they went to the seaside as children and with their children as well, a great reminiscing tool.  

One Resident said, “I enjoy doing things creatively and specially painting. This takes me back as a child and spending days on the beach, building sandcastles.”

Tine added, “It was nice to see what memoires it brought back to people, they really enjoyed it.”

See pictured Residents from left to right Mary McGregor enjoying a giant snail, Doris Savage spending time with a Rat, Julia Kemp enjoying some painting and Eunice Eggington relaxing with some painting