Coventry care home welcome adorable new ResidentsColleagues at HC-One’s Brandon House care home in Coventry recently welcomed some adorable news Residents to the home.

This Easter, Residents really enjoyed welcoming 6 beautiful ducklings to the home, who will remain in the home permanently for the Residents, as pets.

Four of the six new ducklings have already got names, Colin, Princess, Dave and Donald. For elderly pet owners, who often live alone or in group facilities, pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity and help them learn.

For some Residents, it brings back so many memories of when they were younger and had fun in the nearby pond with ducks and chicks.

“Many of the Residents had chickens and ducks when they were younger and its great listening to their stories,” said Brandon House Home Manager, Sheryl Wendy Davis.