Coventry Resident dusts off her apron and bakes mince pies for fellow ResidentsOne of the Residents at Victoria Gardens in Coventry, which provides residential care, has cooked up a storm for the Colleagues and Residents.

Getting into the festive spirit, Resident Carol arranged a baking session with Wellbeing Coordinator, Bianca. 

After checking in with the chef to make sure they had the right ingredients in stock, Carol got down to her baking business. 

Once she had finished her baking, the Residents and Colleagues at Victoria Gardens enjoyed the festive treats at teatime and were very well received. 

One of the Residents, Ruth, commented that they were “absolutely amazing” and Beryl, another Resident, told everyone just how much she loves mince pies. 

Carol even decorated the pies with little starts to celebrate getting into the winter spirit. 

Victoria Gardens’ chef Andy said: “Carol did a great job, the mince pies were fantastic!” 

Care Home Manager Julie said: “Carol had a great time making the mince pies for everyone and would love to do it again - and we’d love to eat them again! Well done Carol, great work!”