Coventry Resident leads keep fit classesA new Resident at HC-One’s Brandon House care home has been leading new keep fit sessions for Residents and Colleagues to take part in.

Jean Hornibrook came to the home just over two weeks ago and, now settled, she had decided that she wants to raise the spirits of Colleagues and Residents by holding her own keep fit class. Jean has been doing keeping fit classes and tap dancing for many years in community centres all around Coventry; Jean only gave up her classes a few years ago, and really does miss them. So, every afternoon at 2 pm for stop the clock, Jean holds her own keep fit lesson and everyone loves it.      

One Colleague said, “Doing the keep fit session every day by Jean really helps raise the spirits of everyone and hopefully will keep us all fit.”

Jean said " I love people to join in with me, it doesn't matter if you don't follow as long as you move with the music."

Home Manager, Sheryl Davis, remarked, “It’s great to see Jean empowered and holding her keep fit session, she has done this for the past 30 years. The staff and Residents love it too!”