Coventry Residents cast their votes for best pancakeResidents have been voting on their Relatives’ pancakes for a bit of fun this Shrove Tuesday at HC-One’s Victoria Gardens care home in Coventry, West Midlands.

Colleagues asked the Residents’ families if they would send in pictures of their homemade pancakes with their favourite toppings. Residents then voted for the tastiest looking pancake over a discussion about fond memories with their loved ones.

The response from Residents was incredible with everyone casting their vote and the winners of the pancake competition were sent some incredible prizes.

Ruth, a Resident at the home, said: “What great fun! I am so proud of my son for winning the pancake competition.”

Colleagues at the home then held their very own competition to see who could toss the best pancake. Colleagues took plenty of photos of the Residents doing their very best flip and sent these out to the Relatives who had taken part in the competition.

Victoria Gardens Resident Maria, commented: “I remember tossing pancakes as a child, it’s such fun.”

After plenty of laughter and a few pancakes on the floor, Residents enjoyed eating their pancakes while they discussed the lovely pictures that they had received from their loved ones.

Victoria Gardens Home Deputy Manager, Emma, said: “Residents loved discussing and voting for their families’ pancakes, a great idea!”