Cradley Heath care home worker surprises Resident with thoughtful gestureJenny Clyde, a member of the domestic team at HC-One’s Roxburgh House care home in Cradley Heath surprised Resident, Roy Holloway with some special photographs of his favourite local woods.

Roy often reminisces about long and happy days spent in Warley Woods, where he would go for long walks and explore the different trails. Jenny overheard Roy sharing his lovely memories and decided to visit Warley Woods for her daily exercise and took some photographs of different parts of the Roy’s favourite place.

When she returned to work for her next shift Jenny was excited to show Roy all of the pictures she had taken for him and chatted about the different aspects of the woods. Roy was overjoyed to see the photographs and smiled as he looked at each one.

Roxburgh House Home Manager, Linda Wilkes said: “Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a real difference to someone’s life, Jenny’s gesture for Roy was truly kind and thoughtful.”