Creating Halloween decorations at FairviewThis week at Fairview in Stirling, which provides nursing and nursing dementia care, Residents have been getting some Halloween decorations readied for the end of the month.

The main aim of this was to create a Halloween balloon arch for somewhere in the home, this was to go along with their pumpkins in Witch hats. Two members of staff and three Residents helped out in this activity, with the majority of the creative input coming from the Residents. They were choosing the colour and orientation and also the number of balloons that were used. There was a balloon pump to help with blowing them up, with the support staff assisting with this as well. 

It was a group effort to get the balloons taped on the arch, and amazingly none came off once it was all put together! Everybody had decided the best place for the arch would be in the reception, as it more people would see it there. Once it was up and in place, Residents guided Colleagues on where some Halloween stickers would go. The completion of the arch really cranked up the Halloween feeling at Fairview, with Residents being happy with their final product. 

Elaine, the Home Manager commented afterwards, “The arch is really good! It has brought the Halloween spirit into Fairview, it was lovely to see everybody enjoying themselves making it”.