December activities from Woodford HouseOver the last few weeks, Residents and Colleagues at Woodford House nursing care home, in Kent, have been very busy marking World Aids Day and preparing the home for Christmas. 

On 2nd December, Residents Sydney, Terry, Eddie, Linda and Peter took part in an activity making ribbons and then they wore them with pride to mark World Aids Day. Everyone enjoyed the activity. 

Colleague Hope spoke on the impact of HIV on human beings and where we are with AIDS today as a nation, which was very interesting for all involved.

Also this month, throughout December, Residents Jeanette, Peter, Joan and William had fun making Christmas trees.

The trees were decorated in the lounge, and it was very festive for all involved. 

Rebecca Collins, Care Home Manager, said, “I love the joy of Christmas. Time for families to come together and show more love!”