December news from Rose CourtAt Rose Court residential, residential memory care, nursing and nursing memory care home, in Manchester, Residents have been busy with the annual festivities including outdoor entertainment and a special tasty treat. 

As part of the celebration for the New Year, Residents had a day of making sausage rolls with cranberries, using puff pastry. 

Gil had a wonderful time rolling out the pastry, mixing the sausage meat with cranberries, and shaping the meat to make it into a giant sausage roll. 

Liz made the egg wash and brushed it on top of the pastry. She was delighted with herself as she had to use her left hand to accomplish the task. 

The highlight of the activity was when it came out of the oven and the aroma drifting through the home, and of course tasting the end product!

Resident Annie said, “I would have seconds.”

On Christmas Eve, Rose Court was very fortunate to have two brass bands and a choir to come and entertain the Residents outdoors in the car park. 

The Salvation Army Brass Band, the local church choir and a semi-professional brass ensemble braved the cold and rain and played carols and Christmas songs. 

The Residents enjoyed the music and the singalong and had a lot of fun. 

One of the Residents said, “The music was lovely, I like the old Christmas carols.”

Karen Davies, Care Home Manager, remarked, “How wonderful and isn’t it lovely for people to give up their time to come and play for us at the home.”