December news from Westwood LodgeColleagues and Residents have been in the full swing of Christmas festivities at Westwood Lodge nursing care home, in Wigan. 

On 14th December, some Residents visited the local Bents Garden Centre for a trip out. 

Everyone involved enjoyed looking at all of the Christmas decorations and buying their own items for their rooms.

Afterwards, they had dinner at the café and headed back home after a lovely day Christmas shopping!

Enid Beaumont, who is a Resident, remarked, “I love coming to Bents, before I came to Westwood Lodge I used to visit regularly. I have missed it.”

On 21st December the staff and Residents enjoyed singing Christmas carols to each other, including ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’.

David Miller, who lives at Westwood Lodge, commented, “I really enjoyed that, it has made my day.”

Following on, the 23rd of December marked Christmas party day!

With outdoor entertainment from ‘The Davies Sisters’, and lots of food and drinks to be enjoyed, it really was an exceptionally good party!

Residents listened to the music while enjoying food and drink such as Baileys, Sherry, Wine and much more.

Resident Carol Jones said, “I enjoyed listening to the music, they are really good singers.”

Chloe Webb, Wellbeing Coordinator, added, “We have had a brilliant week at Westwood! Merry Christmas from everyone at the home.”