Derby Residents test their skills in a pancake-flipping competitionResidents and Colleagues are taking part in a pancake-flipping competition this Shrove Tuesday over at HC-One’s Shelton Lock care home in Derby, Derbyshire.

They used a pretend frying pan and pancake to save the real thing for lunch and everyone had a go at seeing how many flips they could do before dropping the faux crepe.

Competitors went head-to-head to see who won each stage of the tournament while Resident and competition umpire Molly Orme kept tally and made sure that nobody was cheating.

Molly commented: “I nearly lost count! They flipped it so many times.”

The finalists were two Colleagues at the home who went head-to-head in the final leg of the tournament. Chef Mark managed to flip an incredible 36 pancakes but just lost out to Wellbeing Coordinator Jayne coming in at 40 flips.

Shelton Lock Home Manager, Nicola Millar, said: “We love interactive games that the whole home can enjoy and take part in.”