Derbyshire Residents stay dry with umbrella-themed craftsNothing can rain on Residents’ parade over at HC-One’s Ladywood care home in Kirk Hallam, Ilkeston as they celebrate National Umbrella Day.

Colleagues at the home organised a little crafts and discussion session to bring the Residents of Ladywood together on this cold February day. They cut out colourful paper umbrellas and asked Residents to write down or draw some of their favourite things.

Some Residents chose family or love while others choose music and sport. The items and concepts represent each Resident and what they would like to protect from the metaphorical rain with their paper umbrella.

One Resident commented: “It’s been nice having time together and doing something creative.”

After everyone had completed their colourful umbrella, Colleagues arranged them in a rainbow-themed display that said ‘We are all in this together’ – a fitting theme of solidarity given the difficulties that the coronavirus pandemic has caused.

The display is part of National Umbrella Day 2021, a day that honours one of the world’s most useful inventions that helps to keep us dry from the rain.