Disney comes to Overdene HouseOverdene House residential and nursing care home, in Winsford, put on their very own Disney day on 6th December. 

Colleagues hosted various activities for Residents throughout the day; starting with a Disney themed quiz before choosing to watch the original film ‘Cinderella’ in the afternoon. 

Wellbeing Coordinator Rebecca, pictured, dressing up as Snow White and went around the home delivering Disney themed cupcakes to all the Residents, made by Chef, Ola. 

The Residents absolutely loved this and one commented, “Oh Wow, you're Snow White!"

Rebecca said, “It was lovely to see the smiles on the faces of our lovely Residents, bringing back memories and chatting over a cupcake.”

Also see pictured Residents Barbara Ashby, Betty Mclukie and Philemena Spruce.