Diwali delights Coventry care home ResidentsCoventry care home, Victoria Park, took part in a celebration called Diwali today. 

The ‘Festival of Light’ was celebrated by both Colleagues and Residents alike who thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

Before this, an activity was organised where Residents coloured in lots of pictures and cut them out to put around the home’s fireplace. They also went outside and picked some fresh leaves and flowers and made wreaths that were bright and colourful.

On the day of the Diwali party, some Colleagues dressed up for the party and went out and brought the traditional sweets alongside some vegetable samosas; the menu for lunchtime changed that day, and the chefs cooked up a lovely chicken curry with rice.  

Before they started the party, everyone listened to a speech from Prince Charles and also had a prayer. Then they started the celebration with musical instruments and lots of singing and dancing.

Residents enjoyed the music and dancing as well as the decorations and food. One commenting, “Wow its bright and colourful,” and another Resident adding “These sweets are yummy!”

Home Manager, Patricia Alleyne, commented, “Today has been fun and it’s nice to celebrate different cultures.”