DIY Derrick is busy sprucing up Nottinghamshire care homeA very busy Resident at Silverwood residential, nursing and memory care home in Beeston, Notts, reveals his latest project, which received some very positive feedback!

Derrick came to live at Silverwood in 2020 and loves to keep himself busy, in particular, he has always enjoyed DIY and enthusiastically set to painting the rocking horses at Silverwood that desperately needed painting (see pictured). He also checks them regularly to see how they are looking and if they need any repairs. 

He said, “I thoroughly enjoy my painting!”

Derrick was born 4th June 1934 in Basford. At the age of 14, Derrick went straight into mining and worked till he was 63! He is married and has children his regularly come to visit him at the home. He thoroughly enjoys video calling to his Daughter too, who lives in Portugal. Derrick enjoys working in the Silverwood gardens, reading his newspaper and reminiscing with the ‘Daily Sparkle’. Derrick also enjoys watching John Wayne films and listening to music. 

Debra Meynell, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Well done Derrick, isn’t it brilliant how Meaningful activities create so much positivity!”