Double birthday celebrations at Dukinfield care homeDouble birthday celebrations at the Beeches residential care home were in order today, tallying up a celebration of 177 years!

Eunice, pictured right, was celebrating special 90th birthday and Doreen, pictured left, turned 87. 

Both Residents enjoyed family visits in the days leading up to their birthdays, and sitting in the garden in the lovely sunshine.

Eunice also enjoyed a trip to the local market with her daughter. 

Wellbeing Coordinator, Sade Smith, commented, “We celebrated at the home with parties for both of the ladies on upper and lower floors. Everyone enjoyed cake, drinks and dancing from the staff to what are now our lockdown party favourites; ‘The Hokey Cokey’, ‘Music Man’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’. Both ladies are big Sinatra fans and both enjoyed watching Frank Sinatra on YouTube. 

Eunice said, “Thank you for a lovely day, celebrating my birthday.”

Doreen added, “I have enjoyed celebrating my birthday and seeing my family it’s been lovely!” 

Sade added, “It’s always a pleasure to celebrate the Residents’ birthdays and make sure they have a lovely day!”