Double celebrations at Radcliffe care home for longest serving resident and member of staffAt HC-One’s Rose Court care home, in Radcliffe, Manchester, a double celebration took place on 21st May to mark the anniversary of both the longest serving resident and longest serving staff member. 

Kath Turner, aged 75, has been a resident since 2006. She was born in Ireland and has seven siblings! Kath lived in Salford for many years and used to clean houses before moving into Rose Court.

Alison Turner, Kath's daughter, commented:
“My mother has lived at Rose Court for 18 years. She has been very well looked after the whole time she has lived there by all the amazing staff. 

It was a difficult time during Covid but the staff at Rose Court kept me updated, we had regular telephone calls, video calls, photographs and letters written by my mum. We had visits in the pod that was built for indoor visits. They kept my mum safe as possible and worked long shifts and hard work to make this happen. 

I am single parent with 2 children and 3 jobs, I struggle to get to see my mum regular, however I am always in the loop with what is happening, regular phone calls and I know my mum is safe that puts my mind at rest, I am truly grateful to all the staff at Rose Court.”

When asked about living at Rose Court, Kath remarked:
“I love living at Rose Court and enjoy getting involved with activities within the home. The staff are very kind.”

Susan “Sue” Hedges has been a Care Assistant at Rose Court since 1996. Sue has lived all her life in Radcliffe and was born at Bealeys Maternity. 

Sue went to Radcliffe High School and then Bury College, where she studied health and social care and A level Psychology. Sue wanted to be an Occupational Therapist and came to Rose Court whilst applying for University. She loved it so much that she has never left! 

When asked about why she works for HC-One in the care sector, Sue Hedges said:
“Kindness cost nothing, you don't always know everyone's story or what's going on in their lives. Always be kind. Kindness always wins.”

On Tuesday 21st May, Home Manager Leanne Batten-Smith presented the ladies with a beautiful bouquet of flowers each and gave a little speech while they posed for photos.  

Leanne Batten-Smith, Home Manager at Rose Court, said:
“I am very proud of this achievement for our home.

The team and I have built up many years of rapport with both Kath and her family which is so wonderful to have. 
Susan is an amazing leader to new staff in the home, she always has a smile on her face and is a joy to have around.
We are truly blessed with both of these amazing people in our lives.”

Allison Porter, Wellbeing Coordinator at Rose Court, added:

“Days like today makes me smile with pride and joy. My job is fantastic when we celebrate milestones like this.”

The team at Rose Court hope to celebrate many other upcoming milestones in the near future.