Dove Court Residents sign the book of condolence as tribute to the QueenDove Court care home, located just outside of Burnley, were pleased to invite two local Mayoresses into their home this September, for Residents to sign a book of condolence, following the passing of the Queen. 

Mayoress Councillor Cosima Townley and Mayoress Pailin Petchrlum visited the 120-bed residential, nursing and dementia care home, on 12th September, accompanied with a book of condolence, for Residents to sign so that they could pay their respects to our late Queen.

Everyone was moved by this lovely opportunity and were pleased they could pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth. 

One of the Residents said to the Mayoresses, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity.”

Steph Tillotson, Wellbeing Coordinator, remarked, “Thank you to our Mayoress Cosmia Townley and Mayoress Pailin Petchrlum for visiting.”

See pictured Resident Brenda Buckle and Catherine Kershaw signing the book of condolence.