Drafting an Autumn poem at East Sussex care home
Today at The Polegate in East Sussex, which provides nursing care, Residents have been getting together and compiling an Autumn poem.

Residents have been all speaking about what they like and dislike about Autumn and also the other seasons of the year. This is to bring together all their favourite things and come up with a poem for Autumn. This year, four Residents took part in the session, and all agreed this was their favourite time of the year. Down to the colours that are associated with the season, blistering in all the trees around The Polegate. 

Based off their discussion, they complied a poem which can be read below, will be sent out to their Relatives and a printout of it can be found in the home. The Residents all said how much they enjoyed the whole experience, coming together, working in a group and sharing ideas for the poem. Ethel, one of the Residents involved with the writing said, “I’m so happy with the finished poem, I can’t wait to show my family members!”

Daniel, the Home Manager said, “What a nice thing these Residents have done, the poem is lovely”.