Dudley Resident reunited with husband for 60th wedding anniversaryA Resident has enjoyed celebrating her diamond anniversary with her husband at HC-One’s Ashgrove care home in Netherton.

It was a very special day for Pauline and Brian as it was the first time they could meet in-person for almost a year. Due to lockdown restrictions, the only visits Pauline has previously had from her adoring husband were through the window of the home.

Colleagues sought permission from the local public health authority so that the pair could be reunited on their special day. After following all infection control regulations, Pauline and Brian could finally enjoy themselves.

The happy couple spent their day together giggling and reminiscing about their life and marriage while many Colleagues watched on with a tear in their eye.

Ashgrove Home Manager, Julie Jones, commented: “It was nice in these strange times to be able to make them so happy. And it was such a morale booster for staff – a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Pauline and Brian’s big day coincided with Valentine’s week so love was in the air throughout Ashgrove.

While the pair fawned over each other, many other Residents decided to write sweet Valentine’s messages for their partners and families.

The activity brought back a lot of memories for many Residents about their first kiss, first dates and wedding days. Everyone had a story or two to tell.

Alan, a Resident at the home, commented: “One look at my Elaine and I knew she was the one.”

Everyone was feeling the love at Ashgrove this week as Residents talked about their fondest romantic memories and celebrated the 60th wedding anniversary of Pauline and Brian.

Ashgrove Colleague, Jayne, said: “Most of the staff were so emotional over Pauline’s anniversary and had no words. Everyone had stories to tell this week – some funny, some sad but all told with love.”