East Sussex care home Residents receive letters from FranceChildren from Labastide-Saint-Pierre, France wrote 76 letters in total, each written personally to one of the care home’s Residents.

Residents read their letters with joy as they learned about the children’s stories, thoughts and feelings of growing up in the south of France.

The letters reminded Residents that friends can come from the most unlikely places in these difficult times.

One Resident said: “It was lovely. How sweet for someone to think of me and take the time to write me.”

The package was an uplifting surprise for many in Hailsham House during a time where social interaction is limited due to Covid-19.

The surprise was organised by teachers and students at Coll├ęge Jean-Jacques.

The students wrote a letter to each of the 76 Residents, making sure that no one was left out.

After reading their own personal handwritten letter, the Residents shared the children’s stories with one another, getting to know their kind pen pals in France.

Hailsham Home Manager, Katie Brewster, said: “These cards have uplifted the whole home and brought so much happiness and joy to all of our Residents.”