Eastbourne Residents form new book club on World Book DayAs part of World Book Day, Residents have formed their very own regular book club at HC-One’s Elstree Court care home in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The group got together to read extracts from famous authors and discussed different genres of writing as well as the use of grammar and creative literary devices such as metaphors, similes and personification.

They enjoyed the activity so much that they have decided to form their very own book club that will take place every Thursday. Each week, they will read extracts from books and focus on a particular literary device to study with the aim of each Resident writing their own short story or poem in their favourite genre.

One Resident commented: “I’m excited to join the reading club. I haven’t read out loud since school but it will help my confidence.”

Three Residents got took part in the activities on World Book Day but after hearing about the book club, more Residents are keen to get involved. After an afternoon of reading and learning, everyone enjoyed chatting about their favourite authors and books over a cup of tea.