Easter party and egg hunt for Newton ResidentsResidential and residential memory care home, The Sycamores, put on a whole array of different Easter activities today for their Residents, as well as a fantastic Easter egg hunt and a party!

This morning the annual ‘Sycamores Easter Egg Hunt’ took place. Colleagues decorated the corridors of the home and hid chocolate goodies around the for Residents and Colleagues to find throughout the hunt. Around 20 Residents were involved with a mixture of mobile Residents and wheelchair users. 

Each Resident had a basket to place the eggs they found inside. They enjoyed hunting around the home and using the Easter props to find the goodies.

Whilst on the hunt, a mixture of 50’s music was played to keep spirits high. 

Chocolate goodies were also distributed around the home for other Residents that did not want to participate.

Residents thought that the corridors looked fantastic with all the Easter Bunny and other Easter related props to lead the way. 

“How exciting is this!” One Resident said

Renee Bell, Wellbeing Coordinator, said, “Even though it was our manager Carol Potts day off, she came in to attend our hunt and said it was lovely to see Residents with different needs involved and amazing to see everybody so happy and smiling whilst collecting their eggs.”

“Overall it was a fantastic and fun experience for the Residents and Colleagues.”

As well as the hunt there was also an Easter party that took place in the main lounge which was decorated with Easter d├ęcor and the tables were set with an Easter theme. 

Residents enjoyed lots of different goodies such as cakes, chocolates, sweets and other treats. There was also a range of different flavoured juices such as peach, apple and pear, and lemon, as well as alcoholic drinks available like larger, shandys and wine.

During the party Residents enjoyed watching virtual entertainment from the very popular singer Deborah whilst some played a series of games such as ‘pin the tail on the bunny’. The Residents were blindfolded and guided to the bunny poster where each individual had a bunny’s tail sticker with their name on. Everyone enjoyed this game and had a good laugh of the end results.

One Resident said, “I’ve had fun today, a good laugh playing games.”

During the party there was plenty of singing and dancing. Resident Derek had a solo dance, and was getting up dancing around the lounge to the music that played, he was then joined by Renee where they had a waltz in the lounge. All the Residents clapped and cheered when both had finished their dance. Derek had lots of fun and said he really enjoyed the day as a whole.

Renee said, “It’s Great that all the Residents are engaged with different things going on during the party. There really was something for everyone.”