Easter weekend sunshine and memories at Market LavingtonThe bank holiday weekend was one to remember at Devizes’ Market Lavington care home, which offers residential, nursing and residential dementia care. As Residents enjoyed the first appearance of a warm couple of days of sunshine. 

Wellbeing Coordinator Riaz Ali, changed the scheduled plans when the weather forecast was announced and on Saturday 16th April, Residents were invited into the home’s newly refurbished garden and courtyard area to admire the blue skies and sit outside for an afternoon of games, chatting and relaxation. 

Four Residents including Dennis Scullard, Douglas Murray, Angela Wakely and Margaret Tomalin joined Riaz. 

Margaret remarked, “Thank you. This is delightful. Just what I needed.” 

Maddy, one of the home’s wonderful Kitchen Assistants, happened to pass and asked the group if they would like some drinks to enjoy in the sunshine, which everyone jumped at the chance! 

So, Maddy and the kitchen team brought out cider, beer, wine and a selection of juices and the group spent an hour and a half in the glorious sunshine; chatting, sharing memories, getting to know each other, and having a wonderful relaxing afternoon.

Everyone loved being able to get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine

Douglas commented, “I loved it! I’ve met two other people, Angela and Margaret, that I didn’t know well before, so it was lovely listening to their stories of their lives.”

Dennis added, “Meeting new people and getting to know them has always been important to me, being a minister, and so thank you for this afternoon.”

Angela said, “Thank you Riaz. It’s very kind of you. So lovely to be outside and the company was good. They are lovely people, Dennis and Doug, and I look forward to meeting them again.”

The scorching Saturday was then followed by Easter Sunday at Market Lavington which brought smiles to many of the Residents at the home. 

Cards and gifts were received that brought lots of smiles to Residents which sparked much reminiscing. 

Joan Redman, who lives at the home, received a card from Ireland. “You must go there!” Joan told Colleagues, “It’s a beautiful place to visit. I have a daughter living there and she goes out sailing. She may be out today, even though it’s Easter, sailing her boat!”

Fellow Resident Rona Bushell is originally from the Highlands of Scotland and said, “My family would take us to church on Easter Sunday. Most important that was. But we would have to walk miles across the highlands to get there, no matter the weather! We didn’t have chocolate eggs, no, but used to paint duck eggs pretty colourful patterns.”

Phyllis Shellard had a similar memory, commenting “I worked on a farm most of my life, so eggs were plentiful and at Easter we used to paint a few of the chicken eggs and leave them on the children’s beds for them to wake up to on Easter Sunday morning. These days though, I prefer chocolate eggs!”

Kathleen Cox used to be a teacher many years ago and recalls, “Yes, I remember doing things with the children at Easter, painting eggs and talking about Jesus arising from the tomb. The children were fascinated by that story. I still love receiving Easter cards!”

Riaz thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories and talking about memories with the Residents, “It is always lovey to hear the reminisces Residents share regarding their childhood customs for days such as Easter, and their warm recollections of family outings during Easters of the past always puts a smile on my face”.