Eden House Residents enjoy Zoom session with the Beamish MuseumOrchard Cottage at the Beamish Museum ran a Zoom session for the Eden House Residents, based in Bishop Auckland, to give them an interactive session about our local history. 

The Beamish Museum has started holding digital sessions to combat their reduced visitor numbers since Covid started. 

The session started with everyone being introduced to each other, and Michelle from Beamish then showed the Residents around focussing on key items from within the cottage. 

The Residents were asked to guess the use of some of the items; some of the suggestions were described as ‘colourful’ and meant that everyone involved had a really entertaining time. 

One of the Residents, said: “I can’t believe how old everything was in that cottage. I have never seen some of the items before, it was so interesting to learn about a new piece of history.” 

Once everyone had learnt about the items within the cottage, another member of the Beamish team sat behind a piano, and everyone had a good sing along session.

Another Resident, added, “The sing along felt just like being in a pub all those years ago! It was a lot of fun to sing together, especially with the piano there.” 

All Residents involved thoroughly enjoyed the session from start to finish and can’t wait to do it again.