Enjoying ice-cream, sunshine and one-to-one sessions at Worsley LodgeThe heat has been getting everyone in the mood for summer at HC-One’s residential care home, in Worsley. 

Today Worsley Lodge’s Wellbeing Coordinator called round to all Residents to join in with the summer activities in the garden. There were ice creams and mocktails to keep everyone refreshed. 

With the weather being so hot, Residents that sat in the garden enjoyed games of dominoes, chatting and a little sunbathing, (with plenty of sun cream on!) 

All enjoyed the ice-creams and mocktail drinks with the music playing in the background  

One Resident commented, “What a lovely, chilling day!”

With the heat being a drastic change in temperature, some Residents chose to stay in their rooms as it was too warm to move about. So Colleagues called round to each and every one of them, as always, and made sure they all had something to do or read. 

Those who did not want anything, sat with Colleagues and did a quiz, crossword or wrote a ‘thinking of you’ card to friends and families. 

Home Manager, Anne Bannon, said, “It is nice to see Residents in the garden enjoying the sunshine.”

“It is also wonderful to see that Residents are getting stimulated even in their rooms and enjoying one to ones.”