Entertainment in the garden at Bridgewater Park followed by a buffet teaEveryone at Bridgewater Park in Scunthorpe which offers residential, nursing and memory care, for those living with dementia, were so pleased to be able to have a singer in the home again, even if it was in the garden. 

Denise Johnson came in to sing a variety of songs again.  Residents really enjoyed this as they have missed entertainment due to the coronavirus pandemic. Residents joined in by clapping, some sang as well. One Resident said, “She is a wonderful singer, I love the variety of songs she sang, whilst having a nice drink.

A buffet tea followed with the offering of beer, sherry and Baileys.

One of the comments from a Resident was “It was so nice to be able to have entertainment allowed again, everyone really enjoyed her singing”.

Melanie Walton, Care Home Manager said, “It was so nice to finally have some entertainment in for the Residents to enjoy.  The look of happiness on all their faces was lovely to see”.