Essex care home wear red to raise awareness of heart conditionsAs part of National Heart Month, the Residents and Colleagues at HC-One’s Godden Lodge care home in Benfleet, Essex have declared a special ‘Wear it Red’ day.

One of the home’s Residents, Mary, loves the colour red and was very excited about the day. She had her nails painted a lovely sparkly red by Wellbeing Coordinator Daisy and together they made a wonderful sign for the unit.

Mary spent the day spotting and pointing out everything she saw that was red on her wander through Godden Lodge.

Mary said: “I love red, it’s my favourite colour!”

Although it was a day of fun and games, ‘Wear it Red’ day had a very important underlying message.

Each year, the British Heart Foundation declares February as National Heart Month. During this time, they raise awareness of a variety of heart conditions and work to keep everyone informed about healthy living and the risks of heart-related conditions.

Coronary heart disease remains a leading cause of death in the UK. That’s what makes National Heart Month so important and the Colleagues and Residents at Godden Lodge have done an incredible job of implementing this very important message in a fun, interactive way.