Exciting visitors at Flemming Court care homeResidents at Flemming Court, residential and residential memory care home, in Jesmond has had an exciting visit from the children at 1st Kids Nursery.

Residents recently enjoyed a visit from 10 children from the 1st Kids Nursery. They came to the home to judge the pumpkin carving competition in the gardens of the home. Residents made up bags of small Halloween treats which were distributed to the children and staff.

We have been keen to rebuild and promote inter-generational relationships and have been looking at opportunities for Residents to enjoy enriching connections by partnering with local nurseries and schools. 

This was such a good experience for children to have the opportunity to talk to and connect with an adult who is not their parent, teacher, or grandparent, as there is so much to learn from members of other generations. It was our first venture this year to move forward following Covid restrictions and was a great 

The Residents really enjoyed engaging with the young children ang singing songs together.

One Resident, said, “Staff worked so very hard to make this happen.”

Another Resident, added, “It was wonderful to be outside in the open air and enjoy such a happy afternoon.”

Maureen Southern, Care Home Manager, commented, “Staff at the nursery were delighted to reunite with Residents at Flemming Court and we are looking forward to further events and concerts.”