Exercise and outdoor entertainment at Fir Trees care homeAt Dukinfield’s residential and residential memory care home, Fir Trees, one new Resident has been treated to a whole array of different activities and has settled in really well. 

Millie is a new Resident who Colleagues describe as, “A very lovely and kind lady.” She has settled in perfectly at Fir Trees. In particular, she loves playing basketball as she used to play netball for her local team. 

Also, this month, restrictions lifting has meant that homes can have entertainment back and the Residents were more than thrilled to ask local singer, Deborah, to come back in. Millie, along with her new friends, had a great time in the garden listening and singing along to the tines. She commented, “I love it at Fir Trees and can't wait for another concert! I never thought it would be such fun.”  

Nicole Gunning, Care Home Manager, remarked, “Millie has enjoyed her stay so far and is really getting involved. She loves the keep fit exercises and entertainment. Plus, it was lovely to have Deborah return after so long.”