Falstone Court love green eggs and hamResidents at Falstone Court, residential, nursing and dementia care home, in Sunderland have been trying some rather peculiar food.

During ‘Bakers Club’ some of the Residents made some ham and egg pies. They baked these pies to celebrate Dr Seuss Day! It was decided the pies would be called ‘Green Eggs and Ham Pies’.

The Residents and Wellbeing Coordinator talked about Dr Seuss and how he was a very successful American author. He wrote many children’s books and was a poet. Some of his famous work was ‘Cat in the Hat’ and of course ‘Green Eggs and Ham’.

Residents read some of his poems and everyone thought they were really funny! One Resident, commented, “I loved reading some of the stories and poems, the pies smelled and tasted lovely too!”

It was a very interesting day to learn about Dr Seuss and some of the staff before this day didn’t know who he was. Another Resident, added, “Dr Seuss must have had a very strange mind.

Julie Merritt, Care Home Manager, remarked, “It was such a fun activity, the Residents loved it.”