Family Skype calls at Stockport care homeResidents at HC One’s Appleton Manor care home have been having plenty of family Skype calls.

Due to the Stockport care homes Residents not being able to see their families, the staff try to keep them in touch by Skpe, messenger, telephone or letters and cards. 

Residents are over the moon with their video calls to family, they love being able to see them on the screen whilst having a chat. 

Resident Charles rings his son in Australia once a week, Charles’ son Rob is very grateful for this. Charles enjoys getting to know what’s happening with the current situation in Australia during the lock down too. 

Resident Billy keeps in touch with his wife and daughters by Skype, Billy’s wife Doreen doesn’t have FaceTime so she either rings the home or when her daughters visit they do FaceTime with her. Billy will sometimes say he doesn’t want to ring them because all they do is "yap!” 

Resident Denise FaceTime’s her daughter Louise, when she answers she always says "I love You Louise!” and “how’s Nathan?” Denise’s son in law. 
It is so lovely to see each of the Residents speaking with their families. 

The homes wellbeing coordinator Sarah commented “this is why I love my job! It is so nice to see our Residents happy.”