Fascinating afternoon with zoo visit at Stalybridge care homeOn 7th September, Millbrook care home, in Stalybridge, were delighted to welcome and animals from ZooLab. 

The Residents at the 46-bed residential care home enjoyed the visit immensely from Eleanor Perkins at Zoolab. They had the chance to look and hold some of the most unusual animals that Eleanor had brought into the home. These included Speedy the giant snail, Splat a very handsome tree frog, Noodle the corn snake and Colin the cockroach. 

Eleanor delivered the facts and told Residents many stories about her experience with the animals. Those involved learned what the animals can eat, that they can breed very rapidly, and many other fascinating facts about them. Everyone was particularly intrigued when they found out that Splat used his eyes to help him digest his food!

One Resident afterwards commented, “I have conquered some of my fear of these animals now!" 

Residents and Colleagues, including Anne, Bessie, Hilda, Winifred, Renee, Olivia, Molly, Florence, Kathleen, Jackie, Christine, Liz and Vicky, loved hearing how each animal lived, what the ate and getting the opportunity to see and hold the animals. 

Another Resident said, “What an interesting afternoon, I really enjoyed it!”

Claire Jones, Home Manager, commented, “All the staff and Residents really enjoyed Zoo Lab. It was really interesting to learn about the animals and handle them.”

“Some Residents conquered their fears, I wasn’t one of them but still really enjoyed see the different animals.”

“Everyone was fascinated!”